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“The only source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE- Albert Einstein.”

Experience is the direct observation of events and activities. A person needs to get involved and participate in activities to gain more knowledge. Before choosing a career it’s very important to gain all the knowledge about that path.

At Uprise Education Company, we ensure that our every student gets the experience before choosing a career which helps students to overcome their confusions and gain clarity. The virtual internship program is a chance to experience a career at first hand. It provides students with a hands-on practical experience of an occupation in real life-like situations.

What you get with this program

    • Activities

You can perform activities/ work that real professionals do. You get a chance to do one entire project in the profession right from scratch.

    • Videos

You get access to videos which teach about the career, steps involved in a real world project, the challenges involved, work-atmosphere, skills required and many more things.

    • Report

A detailed analysis of your performance by experts with respect to that program including industry scope, educational pathways, placement opportunities, entry level salary etc.

Currently we provide internships for the below career paths:

Architecture Chartered Accountant
Computer Engineering Ethical Hacking
Film Making Fashion Designing
Graphic Designing Law
Hospitality Marketing
Psychology Teaching
Mechanical Engineering Medicine


  • Practical Experience

Do the tasks that actual professionals do in their field.

  • Detailed VIP (Virtual Internship Program) Report

Our team of experts analyzes your performance and provides you with an in-depth report about your standing with respect to that field.

  • Easy Online Access Anytime, Anywhere.

Access the Program at the comfort of your home at your convenience.

  • Professional Guidance

Have Industry Experts in their respective fields guide you to make the right choice about your career.

  • Course Completion Certificate

A course completion certificate is given to the students in the specific choice of career after successfully completing the activities and simulations. Good to present on your resumes and applications!