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Resumes are used to make an appreciative first impression on a prospective employer. For this reason, it is often referred to as a mainspring of a successful job search. Without a favourable initial impression, a prospective employer is likely to stop considering you as a suitable candidate for the job on offer and move on to other candidates who have provided better resumes. The CV/resume, while important is not always the chief decision making element when a company hires. There’s always the interview but usually, it takes a well written commending resume to get you to the interview.

Sometimes it is helpful to think of the resume as an advertising agency or a tool to market yourself.

CV/resume is your one, or sometimes, two-page document narrating why you are a good fit for that opportunity. It outlines your background, your skills, and your education so that a potential employer is quickly and easily able to see how your individual experiences can contribute to a company’s success.

It is a fluid document which means that there are very likely changes happening at each time you make a submission on your resume.

An excellent resume has the power to open opportunities of employment, by standing out among other applicants. A great resume: Grabs the attention of employers and recruiters.

Students we look forward to helping you craft your very first resume. Or, if you’ve already had a resume and you’re looking to make some tweaks, we look forward to helping you with that as well.

Learn how to create a resume or format your existing, which information to include, what words to use, and much more with the help of our experts.