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Career exploration is simply learning of different careers and their match with the unique skills, interests, strengths, and values a student possesses. It is the process of researching and assessing various career opportunities. Generally, career exploration is a second step in the career planning process only after students have assessed themselves and know their strengths, interests, and skills.

Career exploration helps students envision how they will fit into the careers. It helps students to better plan their further studies and set realistic goals.

At Uprise we provide a technology developed for students to search different career options available to students at various levels of education. This technology provides students with detailed information on colleges, careers, entrance exams, cut-offs, admission chances, and even scholarships. A student can even compare colleges.

Students can search for colleges based on their interests, department, marks, country and other factors. Depending on the shortlisted courses and marks the technology recommends certain colleges to students classified into three types aspirational, safe fit, and best fit. Students also get to know their chances of admission to certain colleges depending on their marks. Students can even compare the fees of colleges they have shortlisted.